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The Project

Closeted Stories is a collection of stories by and about LGBT Winnipeggers and their high school experiences.

The goal of this project is to strengthen gay-straight alliance in Winnipeg and beyond, and to generate a deeper conversation about homophobic bullying in Winnipeg high schools. Drawing from the experiences of LGBT Winnipeggers of all ages, Closeted Stories will attempt to document and explore what still needs to be done to make our high schools a safer place for students of all sexual orientations.

Closeted Stories wants to hear from you. If you are interested in contributing your story to the project, please send us an email. You can also arrange for Closeted Stories to present at your high school gay-straight alliance or classroom.

The stories on this website are by and about LGBT Winnipeggers and do not reflect the opinions of Closeted Stories.

For more information, download the Closeted Stories fact sheet here.